Thursday, August 5, 2010

I Can't Live Without My...

One year ago today, I was 55 pounds heavier, laying on my couch, watching old re-runs of "Deliver Me", with my laptop resting atop my belly, while I researched every bit of information I could gather online concerning the parenting of twins. I was almost one month away from giving birth. Hormones were raging, the summer heat was sweltering, and fear was overtaking my feeling of excitement. Kit and I were hastily "nesting", making sure everything would be ready for the boys should they arrive early. Their nursery had been painted, cribs assembled, bedding washed and pressed, bottles sterilized, layettes hung neatly in the closet and car seats sitting impatiently in my brand new minivan. Still, I wondered, do we have everything we need? Almost one year later, Kit and I are finally starting to get the hang of this parenting thing. And now I can pass my newfound wisdom on. There are many items you will receive or purchase as you enter parenthood. Some, you soon realize, will continue to sit, unwrapped, in the closet. But here is my top ten list of items I could not live without! Congratulations and good luck!

1. Minivan with Automatic Doors

Pro: You won't have to put your baby down to open and shut the doors. You don't realize how helpful this is until you don't have it!

Con: It's not cheap!

2. Double Stroller

Pro: Graco - You can snap the carseats in and fits through all doors
Bob - Rides like a dream! Easy to handle

Con: Graco - Hard to turn
Bob - Does not fit through most doors, outside use mostly, EXPENSIVE!

3. Swing

Pro: You don't have to rock your baby to sleep every night

Con: Your baby might not sleep without it!

4. Travel formula dispenser

Pro: No more paying hiked prices for travel formula

Con:You have to prepare it in advance

5. Binky (or pacifier)

Pro: This will soothe your baby, that's why they call it a "soothie"!

Con: The tantrum you might have when the binkies have to go to binky heaven

6. Portable High Chair

Pro: This is easily portable and dishwasher safe

Con: None!

7. Bouncer

Pro: Babies love the stimulation and you finally have at least one arm free!

Con: You might have to get more than one if you have twins!

8. Bibs

Pro: Great for the teething stage (heads up: Your baby will drool like a leaky faucet!)

Con: It covers up the cute outfit you just bought them!

9. Babysitters

Pro: You can pick one thing you like to do: shop, eat out, watch a movie, etc.

Con: Paying by the hour

10. Boppy

Pro: This is the greatest! Use it for breastfeeding, tummy time, learning to sit up, and sleeping at an angled position (if your baby has acid reflux). The covers come in many different styles. They are removable and can be washed with the rest of your load. We still use this one year later!

Con: None!

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