Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuesday Tutorial-Hot Dog Day Shirts

The school in which my sister now teaches the 3rd grade, is the same elementary/junior high we both attended as children. In a few short years, my boys will also enroll, and I can't wait for the day when I come to eat with them at their very first Hot Dog Day. This is a very big deal at St. Ann's School. For 90% of the time, the students are required to wear their adorable hunter green, navy blue and yellow plaid uniforms. But on Hot Dog Day, everyone (students, parents, and teachers) is allowed to break code and model their St. Ann's Hot Dog Day/Fair apparel, complete with their choice of jeans, khakis, or softee shorts. All parents, siblings, relatives, and friends are invited to come eat in the cafeteria with the students and seating is a free-for-all. It is a crazy spectacle but so much fun for the kids! I took the boys to almost every Hot Dog Day last year to visit Tracy's students, but this year I decided they needed some celebratory shirts of their own! Which brings me to today's Tuesday Tutorial!

How to Create an Iron-on Digitally Designed Shirt

What You Will Need:
1 Shirt
1 Package of Iron-on Quick Fuse Fabric Sheets for Ink Jet Printers
Computer and Printer

1.  Create a digital design on your computer and print the image onto the fabric side of the quick fuse sheet (I drew my hot dog in Adobe Illustrator and added the text in InDesign)

2. Cut out the image you want transposed onto the shirt

3. Place the quick fuse sheet, image side facing up, onto the shirt and press the iron directly on the quick fuse sheet for 10-12 seconds.
Logan Bear modeling the latest Hot Dog Day design
That was really simple! It doesn't take more than 3 minutes to put this all together! It's just the design that I usually get hung up on. But I like the way this turned out! Side note: This quick fuse sheet was really easy to use, however it is basically just a sticker slapped onto a shirt, that, with the help of an iron, will not come off. You should keep in mind that whatever color you have as the background will show up on the shirt. If you did not choose a color, like me, the background will remain white. This is important to know if you are placing the image on a colored shirt.

Big D with Jack Bear
Logan (left), Me, Jack (right), and Ms. Tracy Hughes 


  1. that does sound super easy and it's reallly cute:)

  2. Hi Tracy! your darling boys in their hot.dog.day. wear are too cute : )

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  6. Your onesies turned out great! I love being able to personalize things like that. When I taught K, we made matching shirts with our Big Buddy 6th grade class. The kids really liked them.

  7. Awww, those shirts are sooo cute, but those little ones are precious Ü

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  9. This took me back! Hot Dog Day! How could I forget that?!

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  10. THat is ADORABLE!! I love the wings on the hot dog!

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  11. I'd have to nibble on that hot dog just to hear the little giggles. Your boys are so gorgeous.

  12. This are so cute. The real cuties are the ones wearing it.

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  14. Your boys are so adorable and the shirts are too cute! Thanks for dropping by and the sweet comment you left. Hugs, Sherry

  15. I love it and your boys are adorable!!!

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