Monday, October 11, 2010

Mmm Mmm Monday - State Fair and Kincaid's Hamburgers

This past weekend, we celebrated Kit's birthday at the Texas State Fair in Dallas, while my parents watched Jack and Logan. I think this was Kit's best birthday to date! He was in hog heaven! In addition to all the fried food we could ever eat/imagine, we started the day off watching Texas Tech play Baylor at the Cotton Bowl. Here is a pic of us in the stands.

This was actually our third time to attend the Texas State Fair, so we were super excited to try some of our favorite fried foods from years past, as well as the prize winning innovative concoctions new to the fair this year. Here are some pictures of what we enjoyed!

Fried S'more Pop Tart
Fried Banana Pudding

Fried Cheese on a Stick
Fried Grilled Cheese
Fried Elvis (PB&J with Banana)
Fried Frito Pie
We had a fabulous time! Tech won the game, we ate more fried food than anyone should ever eat in one week, let alone a single day, and on our way back home, knowing that our diet would begin again the following day, we decided to make one last splurge and stop in Weatherford at a kitschy restaurant named, "Kincaid's Hamburgers". 

Kincaid's Hamburgers originally began as the Kincaid Grocery and Market in Fort Worth, Texas back in 1946. O.R. Gentry, who had been the meat cutter since 1947, began cooking hamburgers in 1966 and eventually purchased Kincaid's in 1967. Initially, with one small, used grill purchased for $25, 40-50 hamburgers were sold per day. Most of the customers were from the surrounding neighborhood and students from Arlington Heights High School. They told their parents how good the burgers were, and word began to spread. Business rapidly evolved from a grocery store to a hamburger grill and, in time, most of the shelves were removed to make way for seating. The decor today, however, still reflects the restaurant's beginning with displays of del monte canned food and vintage posters advertising the market's specials in days of yore. 

As we walked up to Kincaid's, we noticed the sign above the door read, "Voted Best Burger by Weatherford Democrat Readers". So, of course we knew we had to order that! We completed our order with a side of fries, a chili cheese dog and banana pudding. Everything was wonderful! The hamburgers are made from the very best U.S.D.A. Choice chuck available. The natural vegetarian-fed, hormone, antibiotic and preservative free beef is cut and ground fresh daily and you can really taste the difference!

If you are ever in Weatherford, stop in for a bite! And don't forget the banana pudding! (They put extra vanilla wafers at the bottom. I love that!) You can also find their other locations in Fort Worth - Camp Bowie, Fort Worth - Hulen, Fort Worth - Alliance, Southlake and Arlington. 

For more information about Kincaid's Hamburgers or to purchase merchandise, visit this link.

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