Monday, July 19, 2010

Mmm Mmm! Monday - Acme Cafe in Llano, TX

This past weekend Kit, the boys, and I took a much needed vacation to Marble Falls and stayed with my aunt and uncle at their lakehouse. We jetskied, played board games, and watched old dvds of Judge Judy. We had a great time! Such a great time, that on Sunday, about one hour into the drive back home, we decided that we weren't ready for the trip to end! So we pulled over right where we were, in Llano. We've made many trips from Midland to Austin before, always stopping in Llano for Cooper's BBQ, but we've never stayed long enough to really explore the town. I'm so glad we did! The town is brimming with beautiful antique shops, walls and shelves covered with arts and crafts made by local artists. After I had window shopped 'til I dropped, we walked until we found a little place on Main Street called "Acme Cafe". Which brings me to this week's Mmm Mmm! Monday. 

Acme Cafe began as a dry goods company in 1919 and was converted into a restaurant in 2001. But what's most amazing about this restaurant is the building in which it is housed. It was built 1892 by Llano builder, John Goodman, and housed a succession of dry goods merchants until the early 20th century when it was purchased by Acme Dry Goods Company. In 1997, the one-story brick structure, with it's round-arch transoms, keystones, and double store-front windows, became an official Texas historical landmark. 

As soon as I sat down, I noticed the sign on the wall. In huge, black letters I read, "Home of Maurie Kay's Crab Cakes". Well, I thought, if they are willing to write it that big, it must be something to try! Kit is not a big fish eater, so we looked inside the menu for something he'd like. Side note: I have to say, the prices were surprising reasonable. This is a great place to feed a big family! Everything looked amazing! It was hard for Kit to decide, so he settled on two things, the cheeseburger and the chili cheese fries.

My crab cakes were amazing! Huge lumps of crab meat packed in a spicy, crispy cake served with a tomato and homemade roumelade sauce. (Sorry about the chunk missing, I forgot to take the picture before my first bite!)

Kit's burger was great! A sweet bun, juicy meat, and gooey cheese. Yum!

These waffle fries were covered in homemade chili, melted cheese and jalepenos. So good! Makes my mouth water thinking about it!

Here is a picture of the inside. The walls are covered in artwork by local artists that you can buy. Beautiful!

For quick eats at lunch time, they have a designated area with bar stools.

Their special of the day. I love it when they write it on a chalkboard!

The boys waiting on a bench while I take pictures of the restaurant like a crazy woman!

 If you're ever in Llano, or just driving by, stop in and try the Acme Cafe. You'll really love it! For more information about their history, menu and pricing, click here.


  1. Looks like yall had a fun time with beautiful scenery, yummy food, and good company!!

  2. First, your boys are adorable. Second, I could eat that picture of your crabcakes. Third, thanks for adding my site to your faves! I will happily add you to mine. Reciprocity baby!
    ps - funny, my parents are in Austin, but haven't been to Llano in AGES.

  3. Yes! Next time you drive by, drop in! It is sooo good!