Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tuesday Tutorial-Yarn Bracelet

Happy Tuesday everyone! Maybe you've noticed, as I have, that the store shelves are beginning to pile high with school supplies. The end is near (of summer, that is). Many programs have already closed and you find your kiddos sitting at home, bored to tears. Have no fear! Your craft is here! Below you will find a super easy, inexpensive, creative craft with step by step instructions and beautiful pictures taken by our guest photographer, Kit. I purchased my yarn at Big Lots for $1.25 each, but you can find many more creative colors at other craft stores around the area. Feel free to tweak the tutorial. There is no right or wrong way! And please, send in pictures of your kids crafting! Have fun!

Yarn Bracelet

you will need:
at least two different colors of yarn

1. Cut 3 to 4 strings of yarn, measuring 2 ft. long each

2. Tie the strings into a knot at one end and tape to the table

3. Grab one color string and wrap around the other strings 10 times

4. Grab a different color string and wrap around the other strings 10 times in the same direction as before

5. Continue this process until you reach either the end of your strings or the desired length to wrap around your wrist

6. Tie the loose strings at the end of the bracelet into a knot

7. Tie both knots into one big knot and enjoy!

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