Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tuesday Tutorial-Baby Mobile

So.... I had this great idea. I have been wanting to get the boys mobiles for their nursery for the longest time. However, I wanted something simple and homemade, yet unbelievably creative and cute. I searched online and found great inspiration. Here are some pictures I really liked:

These were really beautiful, but I wanted to make something that had never been done before, or at least hadn't been posted as an image on my google search. So, I decided to make an airplane mobile. I was going to make paper airplanes and hang them like the butterfly mobile seen above. But when I walked into Michael's, I came across a brilliant product! A 3 dimensional puzzle in the shape of an airplane. It was the perfect size, shape, price (only $1 per airplane!), and the best part, could be hand painted by me! PERFECT! 

I came home, unloaded my goodies, and it was then that I realized, I don't have time to hand paint four airplanes, wait for them to dry, put the puzzles together, attach them to my wreath, and hang it all up above the boys' cribs before Tuesday! Even less likely, before they get home from Grandma's house! So... then began my last minute scramble to find things around the house that I could attach to the wreath and call a mobile. Which leads me to today's Tuesday Tutorial. 

How to Make a Mobile Out of Materials Ripped Off of Your 4th of July Stroller

What You Will Need
1 wreath skeleton
1 garland
white or clear thread
8 star cutouts

1. Wrap the garland all the way around the wreath skeleton

2. Cut long strings of thread, varying sizes, and tie the star cutouts to the ends

3. Tie the opposite ends of the strings onto the wreath

4. Tie two long strings and attach to the top of the wreath in an "x" shape

5. Attach one long string to the center of the "x" at the top of the wreath and hang the opposite end of that string to the ceiling

This isn't what I had in mind, but the boys really love it! It sparkles and shines and gives them something exciting to look up to after their nap. I still love the airplane idea! When I have more time, I will paint it and hang it for the boys. Though, by that time, we might be hanging it in their dorm room! Other ideas for a mobile on a budget: have your kids color varying sizes of circled paper cutouts, hang old christmas ornaments from a twinkling wreath, or use worn out stuffed animals the kids don't play with anymore for a farm or safari theme. I would love to hear your ideas and see your projects!


  1. I am sure your kiddos love the shiny sparkles! Thanks for linking up to Be Inspired today!


  2. Thanks Chelsea! Look out for more crafts to come!

  3. Spray paint will make short work of those airplanes, but seriously, what you did instead is really cute. Not as cute as your babies, but cute nonetheless.