Thursday, September 9, 2010

Chairs - Style vs. Comfort?

When it comes to chairs, for myself, I will always choose comfort over style. The objective in my design aesthetic is to find a harmonious balance. The perfect chair is one in which I feel as good as I look sitting in it. Fortunately, I have the perfect chair! It is a caramel colored leather club chair that is positioned right below my reading lamp. Sitting there, I have a beautiful view into our backyard as well as the best seat for watching old black and white movies on our movie theater sized t.v. Ahh! Life is good!

As I was antique shopping yesterday, I came across a pair of restored office chairs, with red painted wood and black and white houndstooth patterned fabric upholstery (similar to the picture on the left). They are absolutely beautiful! They wouldn't necessarily fit in with my decor, but I can still appreciate their beauty! The graphic design of these restyled chairs prompted my curiosity and led me to a gallery of unique chairs. I'm not sure how comfortable these would actually be, however the ingenuity and creativity of these works of art cannot be denied. Sit back and enjoy!


  1. i love the shopping cart one and the one with the legs! too fun!

  2. How fun! That car chair actually looks comfortable, but no amount of style is going to make anyone want to sit in that cactus one! So funny! Love the shopping cart one too (though I wouldn't want to sit in it either).

    Thanks for you comment on my apples! I'm a bit late responding to everyone. Busy week.

    Yeah, teaching is for the brave, organized, persevering and tough-skinned. :-) A very stressful job!

  3. Thanks you guys! Yeah, these chairs are great, but I think I'll stick with my old, comfy leather chair!