Monday, September 20, 2010

Mmm Mmm! Monday - Football Field of Guacamole

What a GREAT weekend! We hosted our 4th annual UT v. Texas Tech football party, as you may recall, and it was a great success! Good food, great friends, and best of all, my team won! Woo hoo! Hook 'em! Thank you so much to those who helped me out with last minute food preparations! I promise, next year I will have it more together! Katherine, Jalie, and Brittany decorated the football cupcakes from last week's Mmm Mmm Monday. And let me just say, "I'm so sorry!" The lady in that video made it look way easier than it really is. It is quite labor intensive and I probably won't be making those again (read: won't force my guests to decorate again!). Though, they were beautiful and very delicious! I'll give her that! 
This week's Mmm Mmm recipe, however, is a great side dish for a football themed party! It is really yummy, super cute and takes only one minute to make! Perfect! It is my football field of guacamole. You can use store bought guacamole (which we did for this party) or, if you have better time management skills, make the creamy corny guacamole from previous Mmm Mmm recipes! This dip tastes especially yummy served with longhorn shaped quesadillas! Thanks for helping me cut those out Brittany! You're the best! I hope you guys enjoy this quick and easy recipe! Scroll down to the bottom for more party pics!

Football Field of Guacamole
serves: 12

3 cups of guacamole
4 ounces of sourcream
4 red grape tomatoes
4 habanero peppers
1 plastic sandwich bag 

1. Pour the guacamole into a clear casserole dish and smooth evenly

2. Pour sourcream into a sandwich bag and cut a small hole into one corner of the bag

3. Squeeze lines of sourcream onto the quacamole to represent the yard lines of a football field

4. Chop the tomatoes and peppers in half and place on the field to represent football players

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  1. I almost scrolled past this thinking it was a cake! Guacamole? No way!
    Officially, I'm now following you. I love your stuff every time I'm here.

    Visiting from It's So Very Cheri

  2. Thanks Sunny! That means alot to me!