Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tuesday Tutorial-Homecoming Garters

Wow! What a crazy two weeks this has been! First, the UT v. Tech party, and now we prepare for the boys' first birthday! I can't believe it's already been a year! I know practically every parent says that, but time really has flown by! It seems like just yesterday, I was singing to them while I rubbed my enormous belly. Since then, for the past year, Kit and I have tried to simply live day to day, looking forward to each new milestone and anticipating the day this will get easier. And now that the boys are walking around the house, playing with each other and getting into everything they shouldn't be, I look back and long for the days I used to carry them everywhere, glowing with new mommy pride. I can't believe I'm crying as I write this! This year has been the hardest of mine and Kit's lives, sometimes I wonder how we made it through! But we have never been happier than we are in this moment! It's just amazing to watch our high school sweetheart dreams come true. This is everything and more we had hoped for. I am so blessed I get to experience this with Kit!

Ok! I'm wiping the tears away and trying to pull it all together, because this week will be the craziest of all! I have so much to get ready for the boys' party on Saturday! But before we even get to that, Kit, my parents, the boys', and I will kick off this weekend celebration at our alma mater's homecoming game this Friday. And to get us all in the spirit, I decided to create little mini-mums/garters for Jack and Logan. These are so cute and actually really easy! I was a little intimidated to take on this project because the ladies who sell mums and garters for homecoming typically charge anywhere from $35 to $200. I figured the cost must reflect the price of materials and the great effort and skill it takes to make these beautiful adornments. But to my pleasant surprise, the supplies were affordable ($15 for two mini-mums) and my effort minimal! Those are the best projects! So, if you haven't already ordered your mum or garter, I highly suggest you try this one for yourself! You can even get the kids involved and have them decorate their own. Just make sure you're there to supervise with the hot glue gun and scissors! Safety first! 

How to Decorate a Homecoming Garter
What You Will Need:
5' fat ribbon
2' skinny ribbon
1 circle paper base
1 fake flower
1 garter
1 small bell
decorative charms
hot glue gun

1. Cut 10 six inch strips of the fat ribbon and wrap into a cone shape. Staple into place.

2. Staple the fat ribbon cones onto the paper base in a circular motion.

3. Hot glue the flower to the center of the paper base.

4. String the small bell through the two feet of skinny ribbon.

5. Staple the bell ribbon to the back of the paper base.

6. Staple the garter over the skinny ribbon, onto the paper base.

7. Use the hot glue gun to attach the decorative charms to the center of your flower. Ta Da! Gorgeous!

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  1. As soon as I clicked on the pic to see your blog I knew you were in Texas! No other state that I have seen has those mums for homecoming! I LOVED getting those in middle school and high school, wish more states did them because I think they are so much fun!!

  2. This is super cute!! The one with the dog charm on it made me giggle!!

  3. Very cute Heather and what a great idea! Aw you totally made me tear up!

  4. Lol! I didn't know Texas was the only state that did this! I wish the boys had gotten to wear them, but the game got rained out! Oh well, they'll still fit next year! Gotta love elastic arm bands!