Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tuesday Tutorial-Picture Wall Frames

As I mentioned before, we will be hosting our 4th annual UT vs. Texas Tech football party this weekend. Today, as I do each year, while cleaning the house and preparing for guests, I remembered all of those little honey-do projects that I keep writing on my to-do list that always seem to get brushed aside in lieu of more important/pressing chores, constantly demanding attention in day to day living. For some reason, I tend to choose the most stressful times (i.e. days before our football party and a week before the boys' first birthday party) to tackle a few of these projects in hopes that our house will look more put together than it actually is. I remember the first year we moved into our house, Kit and I were actually peeling off the blue painter's tape from our kitchen walls after applying popcorn texture and paint over our 1970s wallpaper mere minutes before the first doorbell rang at our annual football party. This year, though still unable to resist those stressful last minute projects, I chose a less time consuming, economically conscious (read: cheap), low-key project that wouldn't stress me out if it ended up not working (as many of my projects do). 

I have always wanted a picture wall in our house. Fortunately, we have the perfect place for it, our foyer entry wall. It is a long stretch of space begging to be filled with family photos. I wanted to display a collection of white frames in different shapes and sizes, but just couldn't find any that I could afford. Then I thought, "I'll just paint old, cheap frames from Goodwill!". They have wide selection at a great price. I bought 5 frames today for only $10! We already had white spray paint here at the house (for what I don't know!), so I knew this would be a great project, and if it didn't work out, "Oh well! I just won't hang them up!" So, without further adieu, here is this week's Tuesday Tutorial!

How to Create a Collaborative Collection of Picture Frames

What you will need:
old cheap picture frames
2 trashbags
1 can of spray paint

1. Remove the backings and glass from your picture frames

2. Place the empty frames on a trashbag

3. Spray paint the frames (in a well ventilated area) any color you like and allow to dry for 2-3 hours

4. Place your photos in and hang on your picture wall for all to enjoy!


  1. Love it! Thank you for linking up. I have all myy frames painted black to make everything match :)

  2. I'm constantly trying to find several matching picture frames. Good idea to just make them all match even if they didn't start that way!

  3. Thanks guys! I'm always looking for new ways to decorate on a budget! Keep me up with all of your ideas!